Type ZA
Point setting mechanisms (Types WZA and ZA) by RIECKEN MASCHINENBAU are used every day both nationally and internationally. Uses range from private railways, through port and industrial railways, to works railways. Type WZA and ZA point setting mechanisms can be produced for both Vignoles and grooved rail points in all available profiles and for gauges from 900 mm to 1600 mm. These changeover devices can be used in simple changeover points or in trailable points with switch openings of 30 mm to 160 mm. Manual types can be supplied with or without damping, and mechanically driven with core magnet or electro‑hydraulic drives. In addition to the point setting mechanisms, we can also supply switch blade detectors and mechanical locking devices rigid or trailable and practically any type of special construction. Through decades of experience in the field of track superstructure, all point setting mechanisms by RIECKEN MASCHINENBAU guarantee the highest degree of safety and availability. Over this period, we have been able to reduce to a minimum maintenance outlay and associated consequential costs. Uses: Use in Vignoles grooved rail points For single and double point switches For changeover and trailable points Trailable and interlocked Fitted centrally, to the left or to the right, according to customer requirements Manual or mechanical activation Stop position display or switch blade detectors possible Insulated design possible Special constructions possible Construction features: Simple and logical structure of point setting mechanisms Grounding boxes made exclusively as robust welded constructions All threads rolled All bearings armoured; bearing bushes possible on request Simple conversion from changeover to trailable points Standard commercial damping cylinders Individually‑adjustable damping effect Spring assembly with 1 or 2 springs Bearing frame assembly in grounding box Lever box dimensions to customer's requirements Grounding box dimensions to customer's requirements