Guard rail tie bars
Today, guard rail tie bars and fishplates/joint bars by RIECKEN MASCHINENBAU are some of the best‑selling track products in national and international track construction. RIECKEN MASCHINENBAU offers a large selection of guard rail tie bars for respective gauges and fishplates/joint bars for respective rail profiles and areas of use. Additional options for guard rail tie bars and fishplates/joint bars ‑ with or without insulation ‑ are possible, as are all types of integrated connection boxes. Every performance criterion is met by RIECKEN MASCHINENBAU for each specific customer. We are also happy to sit down with you even before the planning phase in order to achieve a perfect result. Furthermore, the guard rail tie bars and fishplates have the following impressive features: Robust welded and bent construction Insulated / stray‑current insulated designs Anchor arms Flat fishplates/joint bars for all rail profiles Compromise fishplates for all rail profiles Track reverse fishplates