Track drainage GR / GRI
Rail and track drainage boxes by RIECKEN MASCHINENBAU rapidly take rainwater and contaminants from the groove area of the rails into the bypass channel. This is highly important for keeping rail traffic moving, because contaminants such as dirt, sand and leaves build up over time in the profile of grooved rails, thus impairing daily movements. Safe tracking of rail vehicles can then no longer be guaranteed. Thanks to the large drainage opening in the track and drainage boxes, quick and practical flushing of the grooves is possible. Dirt and blockages can be removed easily, simply by opening the lid. In addition, the track and drainage boxes have the following impressive features: Robust welded construction for heavy‑load traffic to DIN EN 1433 D400‑E600 Designs with or without grating Outflow to customer's requirements (central, side) Entire track drainage chains available Insulated / stray‑current insulated designs Outflow connector diameter to customer's requirements With or without silt chamber Available for any rail profile Special constructions possible Our track drainage boxes in the overview: Typenübersicht