Casings for heating systems
Various casings and track boxes by RIECKEN MASCHINENBAU protect the fitted product against almost every type of destructive environmental influence, such as water, vibration, dirt or rubber‑tyre vehicles. All rail profiles and various application criteria can be met by the wide range available at RIECKEN MASCHINENBAU. Implementing specific customer requirements has been part of our core business for decades. Our casings are characterised by a very robust and durable construction, as well as by particularly user‑friendly assembly. Their areas of application extend from casings for point heating systems, through trap circuit boxes and other special solutions. The standard following features apply to our casings and track boxes: Robust welded construction For stock rail heating systems For chamber rail heating systems Available for all rail profiles Come complete with fixing screws Special constructions on request Suitable for heavy‑load traffic Contact system to customer's requirements