Ribbed base plate/tie plates
General superstructure materials from RIECKEN MASCHINENBAU are available in a standard robust and very resistant quality, irrespective of whether they are ribbed base plates, filling plates, point tracks, rail supports or rail anchors. All accessory products are available in all variants, in order to be able to conscientiously meet the customer's respective requirements. RIECKEN MASCHINENBAU is happy to hear of any special customer requirements. We would be pleased to accompany you in providing support through the planning phase. Superstructure materials are characterised by the following features: Robust welded construction Special constructions according to customer requirements Customer commissions for production from samples/drawings Customer commissions for constructions Superstructure materials are subdivided as follows: 1. Connection tracks / Point tracks 2. Substrata / lining / retaining / inlay plates 3. Filling plates / Fu / SF / UF 4. Ribbed base plates / Check rail supports 5. Rail supports / UstÜ / SstÜ / SStp 6. Bearing studs / Skh / SZs / Uzs 7. Connection plates / SVP 8. Sealing plates 9. Tongue lifter